The craziest nights make the best memories.

We at the Underground Network believe social networking is supposed to be fun. Everyone was and still is talking online; everyone is sharing ideas and memories everywhere. Using music, dance and the need to connect, the Underground Network seeks to bring back a more positive feeling towards each other and social networking in general.

We all need release from regular stresses of life. There is no better way than getting together with a group of friends and going out— whether to a nightclub, lounge, restaurant or even an evening at a mutual friend’s house. We have designed this system to make it easier to organize these events while at the same time making it possible to share events and memories for future reference or to let others know what's going on.

We invite anyone who visits this site to sign in and have fun. It is, after all, free to join. There is an entire planet of locations that want to help make your evenings crazy, memorable and exciting. Allow the Underground Network to connect you and your friends with these locations.

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