Our slogan, “We’re just a Bar.” This is not to take away from the beauty, class, or service that is provided to all that walk through our doors. We offer an atmosphere of comfort and indulgence. A vibe that is not stuffy but relaxed. We make your world a little bigger every time you step in our door and meet someone new. We encourage people to feel free and enjoy every second they’re within our walls. We are a proud supporter of local talent and local products. Owned and operated by a veteran Bartender, Grasshopper is on top of service and also building relationships with our patrons. Being a small venue credits us to get to know everyone, and you to get to know us. It’s an experience we encourage you to take. So, come on down to Grasshopper Underground Ferndale and have a drink with us.
22757 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI, United States
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