The Soulestial Carnival ::Connecting with Each Other through Music, Art, and Love:: The Soulestial Carnival is a quarterly event, connecting each other through Music, Art, and Love. Let your Soul become one with the Celestial Unknown. Enter a time and place behind the veil, beyond conformity, in tune with Expression, where Love and Art reign supreme. The Carnival is all-encompassing and forever welcoming. Here, your Inner Freak shines bright. Let the Soular Body burst from your core! The Carnival is the gathering of Light, the painting of passion, the wink from Her third eye. Hug your brothers and sisters, love your people, and express yourself. Dance, Laugh, and Create. And when you leave, take the Soulestial Carnival with you wherever you go. We are the musicians and we are the dancers. We are the painters, the illustrators, the sculptors, and we are the casual admirers. We are the photographers and we are the Muses. We are the thinkers, the believers, the doers, and we are the philosophers. We are the clowns, the jesters, the magicians, and we are the mystics. We are your mothers and fathers, we are your sons and daughters, and we are your lovers. We are Art and we are your Family. Welcome Home to the Soulestial Carnival.
2025 Daly St, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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