Ostiense, is one of the warmest areas of Rome in terms of culture and social life, where the new and the modern blend together between Testaccio, the Tiber and all the streets leading to the Eur area. In this social and geographical context stands the "Rashomon", a renovated multi-purpose center that requalify an area like the "Ostiense by night" into a playful and aggregation center, as a multitatsking place. The Rashomon is composed by two communicating rooms of different sizes, the “club room” has the same architecture of a post-industrial complex. The black aspect and the cement of this black box, are the foundations on which to create and model your particular event or show. The other room, “The BAR”, the daily version of the Rashomon, opens its doors as a concept bar. A glamour club, influenced by the mittle-European trends, and has per unique goal, the possibility to let you listen to sophisticated and high quality music within a meeting place for a particular audience united by the common passion for music and good drinks.
Via degli Argonauti, 16, Rome, Laz., Italy
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